Packaging Machines

Foot Operated Sealer

Approx Price: Rs 11,000 / Unit 

Foot sealers are ideal for high volume poly bag and other thermoplastic sealing. Capable of sealing 15-20 bags per minute, foot sealers keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. Depending on the model of the sealer, materials up to 35" wide and 16 mil total thicknesses can be sealed. The seal width ranges from 2mm to 5mm. Equipped with a plug-in timer which controls the sealing time needed for different materials. A signal light indicates the heat cycle is complete and the seal is done. Once the timer is set, it will give a consistently flat seal.

Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Unit 
Economical choice for limited strapping usage, semi automatic strapping machines now offers you a simple option to apply packaging load securement with low maintenance costs and ease of operation, designed for all general industrial applications. This close-type frame with innovative clutch cams transmission can help you pack/secure your packages firmly and properly. Using polypropylene strap, this banding equipment which owns its aesthetic design and easy-to-operation characteristic is suitable for offices and shops.

Shrink Wrapping Machines

Approx Price: Rs 35,000 / Unit 

The shrink wrap machines are highly useful for packing and preserving food items such as fruits, stationery, medical drugs, salty foods, cosmetics, hardware parts, books and boxes. Additionally, this shrinking equipment is highly useful and applicable for PVC and PE shrink film. It mainly consists of three sections and is capable of wrapping bottles of 200 ml to 2 liters.

There is also Bottle Shrink Wrap Machine for PE PVC Plastic Film. We offer you a range of first class Water Pet Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Bundle Shrink Wrapping Packaging Machine, Shrink Sleeve Wrapper, Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Bottle Capping, Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine for Can, Bottle Shrink Wrapping, Feeder Cap Elevator, Tablet Counting, Linear Bottle Capping, Auto Shrink Wrapping and Shrink Wrap Machine for Jars, Fully Automatic/Semi Auto Shrink Wrapping Machine, Shrink Packaging and Bundling wrap machine, Stretch Wrapping Machines, Reel Wrapping Machines, Carton Stretch Wrapping Machines, Banding & Spiral Wrapping Machines, and Doughnut Wrapping Machine.

Shrink wrapping, bundle wrapping, etc, is a process during which a product item or a group of items in wrapped in a loose sleeve or envelope of plastic film, which upon application of heat shrinks and tightly conforms to the shape of enclosed contents.

Shrink packaging processes is established considering the increasing cost of packaging and to reduce the cost of secondary packaging. Due to it's practical and cost effective advantages, it has found its use in many industries at various stages of packaging process.

Shrink wrap machine consist of Special Stainless Steel Finned tubular heater for Lowest power consumption & Highest heat transfers. Temperature is Controlled with the help of Digital Temperature for Accurate amount of heat. Best Quality Shrink wrapping is obtained with the help of heavy duty blower which provides sufficient amount of heat transfer.

Shrink wrap machine comes with the world class insulating material like Rockwool on the machine panel. The Conveyor rods of the shrink wrapping machine which passes from the hot shrink tunnel is coated with Silicon Tubes.


Shrink wrap machine is Over backed with heat resistant power coating on Mild Steel Fabrication. Selective Model of Shrink wrapping machine comes with Heavy-Duty DC motor with Gear-Box And Special Controller for Heavy Load Bearing Conveyor.

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Approx Price: Rs 60,000 / Unit 

Single chamber vaccum machines are economical and suitable for low to medium production.

Can finish the whole process of extraction, sealing,cooling and exhaust automatically.

The product after packing can be prevented from oxidation, growing mould, insects or getting damp, this extending the shelf life

Useful for Packing Food, Meat, Sea Food, Electronic Products, Medical Products etc

Air Cushion Machine

The Air cushion machine is an innovative, multi-use packaging solution that creates air cushions on demand. The machine is easy to operate, with minimum set up. Air cushions can be used as a great alternative to loose fill, bubble wrap and many other packaging materials.

Automatic Strapping & Sealing Line

The Carton Sealing and Strapping Combo System is a packing machine which integrates the function of sealing and strapping cartons automatically; It can be equipped in automatic packaging line, seal tapes on the top and bottom, strap machine with several belts, and improve the automatic packaging degree in the end Line. It is of high efficiency, and widely applied in mass production industries like toys, home appliances, printing pharmaceutical, electronics, daily necessities, etc.


  • Sealing and strapping can be operated at same time, high speed, high efficiency and place saving;
  • Controlled by PLC, easy to operate and low failure rate;
  • Imported sensor is adopted to ensure accurate, strapping; can automatically do 1-3 line strapping;
  • Can be used in stand-alone; high capability and low price.

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine could be used for wrapping single cargo or some small cargos combined. Pneumatic top plate ensure it clam and safety packing. The packing height, fixed film carriage or up-down film carriage can be choose according customers request.

Cap Sealing Machine

Metal Cap Closing machine is suitable for cap screwing production of various plastic burglar-proof caps, which is widely used in plants of beverage, wine, chemistry industry and medicine.

This sealer is widely used in production industries to seal the bottles and the containers. It finds its applications in pharmaceutical, alcohol, chemical, oil and food industries. Our machine is widely appreciated for its compact construction, cost effectiveness and hassle free working. It is highly corrosion resistant and consumes less electricity.

Cling Film Wrapping Machine

Cling film tray wrapping sealer incorporate two support rollers for the cling film to be used and a stainless steel support bridge that allows the film to pass under the product to be wrapped. The electric console features a constantly heated, low voltage cutting wire to cut the film before sealing the bottom of the tray on the hot plate. The hot plate features adjustable temperature settings. Cling films are available in various widths to suit the product to be wrapped, including meat products, vegetables, fish and fruit.

Continuous Band Sealer

Continuous band sealer can seal plastic films made from various materials continuously.

Continuous band sealer is suitable for sealing small package in foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine, spices , seeds and chemical industries.


  • Constant temperature control and temperature is adjustable.
  • Stepless speed regulation

Cup & Tray Sealer

We offer Cup & Meal Tray Sealer ideal for packing of industries, such as medicine, food, beverage of pearl milk tea, bubble black tea, fruit, soybean milk, soup of lunch box, cup water etc.. Cup sealer can be tailor-made for sealing container in all kinds of shapes, including rotundity, bowl-shaped, rectangular, square, hexagonal and oval. Easy to operate, energy efficient and cost effective, the vacuum packing machines offered by us are available in different models to diverse applications.

Types includes
1. Cup Sealer
2. Single Compartment Tray Sealer
3. Multi Compartment Tray Sealer

Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

The Double Chamber Vacuum packaging machine is ideal for high-speed packaging applications. This rugged machine is equipped with two heavy duty oil-filled industrial rotary vacuum pumps, two wide-seal sealing bars per chamber, analog controls, and casters for ease of movement. Its chamber size allows it to be used of a wide variety of applications, as it can hold products of large proportions, while its double chamber design quickens production speeds and simplifies the packaging process.

This machine is used by food wholesalers, supermarket chains, meat and poultry packagers, food industries, cheese manufacturers, and specialty product manufacturers.

Foot Operated Pepsi Sealer

Used for Ice Candy / Water Pouch sealing in poly tube shape

Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Strapping machines dispenses, tightens and seals straps (PP or PET) while packing or bundles. It is ideal for cartons, calcium-plastic cases, books, soft and hard packages as well as all kinds of articles in square, cylinder or annulations. Semiautomatic strapping machine is simple for anyone to use and straps at a quick speed with high efficiency. Simply place your item for strapping onto the table, feed the strap around the item and into the strapping head, which hits a trigger, pulls the strap back in reverse, tensions, and heat seals then cuts the strap. Then it feeds the next piece of strap ready for the next item to be strapped. Automatic strapping machine allows for a hands free strapping operation which improves production speeds and accuracy rates. Simple and easy to operate with the reliability and performance that you require from an automatic strapping machine.

The Fully automatic strapping machines provided by us are developed with state-of-the-art innovative designs. These are compact and assembled for lightweight to ensure easy mobility. This machine is fitted with a concise, low maintenance sealer head.

Mini Vacuum Sealer


·         Portable Vacuum Sealer for light duty work.

·         Excellent vacuum extraction performance.

·         Small in size, simple in structure, easy to use.

·         Applies for all kinds of plastic bags for vacuum packaging. 

·         The product after packing can be prevented from tainting by odor, off-odor or dehydration and be kept fresh for longer time at normal temperature.

·         Useful for Home, Restaurant, Shops, Hotels etc.

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrappers are designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storage to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged.

Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine

Reel Stretch Wrapping Machine is used for stretch film wrapping around the Non-woven, coil, paper roils, rubber product and similar materials manufactured in small reels. Reel Stretch wrapping machine assist in reduction of labor by automating the process of attaching, detaching and pressing the film. For the product to be wrapped, the operator simply places the item on a turn-table and switches the machine to operate.

Hot Air Gun

We offer quality HOT GUN for Shrinking purpose. Moreover, our equipment has garnered huge appreciation from several industries due to its superior performance and low maintenance.Hot Air Guns are used where milder heat is needed as compared to an electric heat gun. It is ideal for pre heating of parts, processes and solutions, and is also widely used for softening adhesives, rubber and vinyl, and accelerating drying. The hot air gun requires no electricity at the target, and uses only filtered compressed air to generate fully adjustable temperatures.


  • Rated Voltage: 110 v
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 5 kg

Poly Bag Sealer

Being a customer focused organization; we are engaged in manufacturing and supplying Poly Bag Sealer. These products are used for packing granules, powder and other industry products. Offered sealers can be hand operated to seal all types of heat scalable poly bags and pouches. Our high quality poly bag sealers are widely used in super markets, grocery shops, bakeries, confectioneries, gift shops and manufacturing units.


  • Easy operations
  • High efficiency
  • Outstanding performance


  • Compact in size
  • Light in weight
  • Sealing length 200 mm / 300 mm / 400 mm / 500 mm
  • Sealing width of 1.6 mm
  • Flat element, round element for sealing and cutting
  • Buzzer (beep) and LED sealing indicators

Stretch Film Dispenser

We are one of the prime trader, importer, distributer and suppliers of a broad collection of Hand Stretch Film Dispenser. These stretch film dispensers are developed by our practiced workers by utilizing best materials accordingly with market standards. The entire range is available in numerous stipulations; we are proving these stretch film dispensers in modified options to achieve our customer’s satisfaction.

Taping Machine automatic

Our clients can avail from us finest quality taping machines with customized solutions and packaging as per their specifications. We use excellent grade raw material, state-of-the-art technology machines to design our range of taping machines. Owing to their superior functionality and cost-effectiveness, our machines are used in textiles, food, general merchandise, medicine and chemicals industries.
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